Roundtables & Investment Pitches

Three thematic sessions focused on Agri-Business, Digitalisation and the Green Economy, as well as a session of investment pitches, will be organised in the afternoon of the EU-Africa Business Forum, from 14.00 until 19.30. All of these sessions will be moderated by experienced moderators from the media in order to ensure a fruitful debate and generate concrete recommendations to be presented at the 5th Africa-EU Summit, scheduled to take place at the end of November 2017.
The sessions and their organisers from the private sector have been selected from among 25 proposals, and bear testimony to the strong involvement of business in the Forum, auguring well for a lively discussion by the panellists, not only on their specific themes but on major cross-cutting issues as well.
The investment pitches session is an innovative event introduced at the 5th EU-Africa Business Forum. This session provides a space where governments, project developers and promoters, and entrepreneurs can meet face to face with European and African investors and present their business concepts.
During this event, 4 African countries will be given the opportunity to make investment pitches. About 10-15 minutes will be allotted to each country to clearly and simply communicate their excitement, projects and aspirations to potential investors. The format of the meeting seeks to capitalise on the presence at the EU-Africa Business Forum of a large number of financiers and investors. It also offers an opportunity to reap tangible benefits in terms of linking up presenters with investors and receiving feedback on how to improve their pitches and/or the investment climate.