On 16, 20 and 21 April 2021, a special EU-Africa Business Forum on green energy transition took place in fully digital format due to the COVID-19-related health measures. An online event platform brought together more than 2000 participants from 114 countries, including political actors and business leaders to exchange views on a green and just transition in Africa. In addition, more than 100 exhibitors promoted their projects in a digital marketplace. The online event concluded the series of multi-stakeholder Green Talks by the Portuguese Presidency of the European Council and lead-up to the launch of the Africa-EU Green Energy Initiative.
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  • 6th EABF, Abidjan (2017)
    At the 6th EU-Africa Business Forum, held in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire on 27 November 2017, more than 1000 business leaders and investors from Africa and Europe confirmed their commitment to sustainable and inclusive growth and job-creation across the continent in line with the Sustainable Development Goals. Under the overall theme “Investing in job creation for Youth”, discussions focused on the sectors of agribusiness, sustainable energy and the digital economy. The Forum supported the EU External Investment Plan as a key tool to promote these objectives.
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  • 5th EABF, Brussel (2014)
    On 31 March and 1 April 2014, the fifth EU-Africa Business Forum took place in Brussels, Belgium. This Forum marked an important shift to a more equal footing for the two continents, reflected by the theme ‘A Common Future for EU-Africa: Engaging the private sector in sustainable and inclusive growth’. The spotlight was on how the private sectorcan help drive African socio-economic development through sustained and inclusive growth. 
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  • 4th EABF, Tripoli (2010)
    The 4th EU-Africa Business Forum was held in Tripoli, Libya, from 26 to 28 November 2010. This EABF focused on the private sector’s role, notably in linking markets, facilitating business activity, green economy and in meeting the Millenium Development Goals (MDGs),  providing concrete input for the debate among the Heads of States. The Forum provided guidance and outputs for stakeholders involved and delivered messages for the 3rd Africa-EU Summit. 
    Please click here to read the 4th EU-Africa Business Forum Declaration

  • 3rd EABF, Nairobi (2009)
    The 3rd EU-Africa Business Forum took place in Nairobi, Kenya, on 28 and 20 September 2009. Some 300 African and European business leaders, from multinationals, large corporations, small and medium-sized enterprises, confederations, and multilateral and regional institutions came together for the two-day Forum. The participants agreed on the need for  a shift in policy objective from poverty reduction towards wealth creation. There was also a broad agreement on the need for greater regional integration, increased investment and improved infrastructure.
    Please click here to read the 3rd EU-Africa Business Forum Declaration

  • 2nd EABF, Lisbon (2007)

  • 1st EABF, Brussels (2006)