De-risking and scaling up sustainable investments in the African power sector – Africa GreenCo


A thematic session on the future of power in Africa took place during the afternoon of the EU-Africa Business Forum on 7 June 2017 at the European Development Days in Brussels. Bringing together six distinguished panellists and about 120 participants, the dialogue centred on ‘partnering with the private sector’ and mitigating the risks associated with investing in power generation.

To set the scene, Ana Hajduka-Shields, founder and CEO of Africa GreenCo, outlined how her company, a public-private partnership, could act as a creditworthy off-taker and trader of power. Africa GreenCo has already secured grant funding from the Rockefeller Foundation and Convergence, an institute that works with investors to execute blended finance transactions that increase private sector investment in emerging markets. The Rockefeller Foundation has conducted a feasibility study on the Africa GreenCo model, which can be accessed on the company’s website.

As a PPP and an intermediary aggregator, Africa GreenCo will purchase power from independent power producers (IPPs) and sell this on to utilities and other off-takers. In doing so, it envisages a capitalisation structure that will leverage more private sector capital (equity and debt), and structurally entrench a more liquid market and approach to energy investments in Africa.



  Hussein Alfa ‘Seyni’ Nafo, Chair of the African Group of Negotiators, UNFCCC (Bio)




  Roberto Ridolfi, Director, European Commission for Sustainable Growth and Development (Bio)



  Saadia Madsbjerg, Managing Director, The Rockefeller Foundation (Bio)



  Chris Clubb, Managing Director, Convergence (Bio)



  Ana Hajduka, Founder & CEO, Africa GreenCo (Bio)